KALI ESKRIMA GLOVES , Knifencing gloves, sabre, Ilustrisimo or HEMA gloves.... 

for training in Kali fighting, HEMA fencing,
from the French defence cane or in sports knife fighting, 

hand protection is essential. It allows work with a "plus" of realism
and commitment required in these practices.
For sports knife fighting (in TOLPAR for example),
or in combat rattan stick or Kali eskrima foam.
We offer you among other things the following  RED DRAGON gloves
but also the heavy gloves "LOBSTER" of SPES
perfect for HEMA (European historical martial arts), 
For short blade fencing, Blaklist has developed
a specific glove shell carbon and leather,  
a marvel of realization and precision... 
Also, a version 2 of gloves dedicated to Kali is available.

Hockey glove size, made of leather and dense foam.
Kevlar gloves, on the other hand, have many qualities.
Leather fencing gloves or the coach's glove will allow you to work on the technical phases.
The same applies to rapier gloves or soft leather swordsman's gloves.
Tactical gloves can be an alternative when practicing with a knife or when you are looking for a great lightness.

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