Armytek products meet the highest standards and are requested by military personnel, rescuers, police officers, hunters, fishermen, diving, camping, climbing, self-defense practitioners, etc...

to be combined with Ironclad tactical gloves or tactical bags.


 Why are Armytek FLASLIGHTS unique?

- 10 years full warranty.

- Canadian manufacturer with its own factory.

- Proven and reliable components produced in the United States and Japan.

- A team of scientists and engineers working in the military and space industries.

- A particular attention paid to reliability and technologies, and not only to the visual aspect.

- The main characteristics of the product exceed those of similar models of competitors.

- Guaranteed lifetime - can withstand the fall of the 10th floor and diving to a depth of 50 meters. 

- Constant brightness even at -25°C and with a low battery.

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