Our advice on martial arts gear

Our advice on martial arts gear 

Practitioners to talk about the martial equipment of your training

We ourselves are practitioners and teachers of martial techniques.

We teach Kali eskrima, Balintawak, Panantukan, Baraw sugbo / Arnes diablo,

short blade fencing or combative self-defense.... 

We love combat equipment, and are passionate about its shape,

their realization, their finishing and the message they convey.

Our advice to equip you in your martial practices

Feel free to contact us to discuss your martial arts. Mail to

And especially to ask us your questions about our Kali eskrima equipment,

self-defense, European historical martial arts, Krav Maga, 

of Baraw sugbo, Knife fencing or boxing.

We will try to provide you with the most relevant answers possible!

Materials for martial arts including HEMA

Are you looking for material related to our brands but absent from the site?

We have the possibility to order all the products of the brands

that we present: take the time to talk to us about your needs (


An item is missing from our selection? Our supplier network

can provide us with all types of equipment, in a short or even fast time. Ask us about it.


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