Survival equipment that will always find a place and use one day....

We do not offer "all" the equipment. Only a selection to start equipping yourself.

We have chosen well thought-out products and brands

with, in particular, SOL, based in the heart of the White Mountains in New Hampshire.

And Gerber, who distributes the Bear Grylls survival kits.

A selection to complete with the 5.11 Rush 24 bag, Lifestraw straws

or Tactical Foodpack survival food rations.

SOL "Survive Outdoors Longer" was created in 1975

and offers a wide range of products

survival kits and medical kits useful in all difficult situations in the field.

All SOL products are presented in light, innovative,

practical and environmentally friendly packaging.

In addition to a survival kit, we present the following SOL products:

- orange survival and emergency blanket

- emergency and survival poncho

- emergency bivouac (bivvy)

And the sweet fire products, "all weather fire" survival kit
 or stormproof UCO gear matches,
to make fire in difficult conditions



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