Equipment for clubs in Kali, HEMA, Krav maga, boxing Panantukan and other combat systems

The Kali arnis eskrima, Filipino Martial Arts, HEMA, Tolpar

and Krav Maga clubs with the equipment in action....

More and more, martial arts and self-defense clubs and associations

 trust us to acquire equipment used by practitioners for practitioners.

Arnes diablo, Tolpar, combat fencing, engaged self-defense, 

defense cane, knife fights, KAPAP, Krav Maga or HEMA....


This equipment has been tested and used for many years.

Kali, HEMA, Tolpar, Krav Maga clubs with equipment in action

during the classes or in competition (we could only put one picture, the choice was hard!).

We did have to make a choice.


plastron et casque krav-maga

Front panels and grid boxing helmets in the spotlight in this Krav Maga club that sets up scenarios for

validate students' learning in stressful situations.


The HEMA BLAKRED jacket for HEMA battles, here perfectly put in place
during this fight of the members of an HEMA association located near Grenoble.


Philippine Martial Arts Club in Lyon / Combat fencing with claw guards and gorgerin


Filipino martial arts club in Lyon / Balintawak classic and "real" situation.



Engaged in Tolpar battles, with specially created plastrons. At Tolpar Southwest.



Kali combat fencing at the LAM of Lyon Saint-Cyr au Mont d'Or (Red Dragon gloves, rattans, 350 N masks)



French Open of Tolpar, with the practitioners equipped with our 350 N masks, cocked gloves, tactical pants...




Nice picture of a Krav Maga combat session of the KMC 37, with the steel grid helmet




Superb photo of Kali SCS practitioners, with our Kali breastplates and armor.



Reactiv self defense in Rennes, a club that has chosen to equip itself with kali helmets for the combat competition, foam stick, Tolpar gloves, reinforced self defense plastrons




Combat fencing at LAM, a martial arts club in Lyon. Start of combat fencing courses, well protected!
Kali helmet, armor and bib, hockey and Red dragon style gloves, 350 N fencing mask


TOLPAR TRAINING at the Kajyn Club of Paris 

And to provide, still some nice pictures sent by our fighting partners!

Other close-fight clubs and associations, KAPAP, Penchak silat or laser sword ink

regularly trust us with their trust.

matériels clubs Kali et AMHE

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