Aluminium training knives

OUR TRAINING KNIVES are made of unsharpened aluminum, 

as well as the FULCRUM C from Extrema ratio.

The thickness is 5 mm and allows to have good sensations of weight and balance.

Working with aluminium knives adds a sense of realism to your training.


With the right protection (glasses, gloves, tactical gloves or forearm protection),

the possibilities of working with a knife are immense,

in complete safety. Defense, of course, but also sparring, fights knife

against knife (a form that sharpens reflexes, to be practiced with a fencing mask).

The edges and tip are blunt. However, we ask you not to use these dummy weapons

towards the eyes without protection and not to carry out attacks at full speed in the estoc.

These dummy aluminium knives go perfectly with the wooden core foam knives

to complete your knife exercises and methods.

And regularly new aluminium knives come out of the Blaklist workshops...

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