"Baraw sugbo" knife


couteau-entrainement arnes diablo
couteau factice krav maga
couteau arnes diablo

A knife specially created for the beginner practitioner in Baraw sugbo (Arnes diablo).
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But it can also be the format of the multi-purpose "Bushcraft" knife, for self-defense use.

A generous format, a wide blade to manage disarming, and above all, an ideal grip thanks to the format of the handle and its design that balances the knife.

Think of tactical glasses and ballistic masks to practice safely.

And if you don't find your quantity in this model or another one of this page, contact us, the deadlines are short!



  • 5 mm d'épaisseur
  • manche en paracorde tressée haute résistance
  • livré avec un étui souple de transport
  • 28 cm de longueur
  • longueur de lame : 14 cm
  • longueur de poignée : environ 11 cm

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