Kali, HEMA, combatives, tactical, survival

Kali, HEMA, Krav Maga, tactical and survival gear

Martial arts equipment and combat systems tested and approved

All the equipment we offer is tested.
Strictly tested.

We are a group of practitioners gathered around the arts of combat,

that we practice obsessively. No fair measurement, no weighting.

Filipino martial arts, Southeast Asian martial arts, but not only that....

It is difficult to train without commitment when practicing

Baraw sugbo (or Arnes diablo), Balintawak, Tolpar, Boxing Panantukan, combat fencing...

The martial workshops we lead mix styles,

mix martial arts or fighting arts. It's not good, I hear. That's the way it is.

Tactical  is a natural part of our approach.

We are evolving with our times, nothing is fixed and set in stone in the world of combat.


An item is missing from our selection? our supplier network

can provide us with all types of equipment, in a short or even fast time. Ask us about it. 


We train, teach and create as often as possible what we wear:
durable and timeless products, manufactured in just the right quantity by professionals who resemble us.



Blaklist has therefore selected quality products for your fight clubs.

Blaklist nevertheless pays attention to prices. We could present more expensive equipment.
Yes. We could. But we know the practitioners of our fighting arts
 like kali or boxing... they don't roll on gold, far from it. So we found the best quality/price ratio.

We are at your disposal and close to you, through our practices and
by the tools we offer you: website, phone, email, facebook.


See you soon to share our passions.

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