We have chosen to offer you products other than toys for 12 euros....

We believe that realism in self-defense work

against firearms is more important than the price.


You are looking to acquire the right gestures and reflexes.

We offer you the best replicas

so that you can become effective, in a range of prices

to combine quality and accessibility.


We work with Red Guns dummy replicas, which provide replicas

realistic weapons used by security forces or the military.

We have the essential models of Red guns. 

On request, we can obtain other

models as well as many models of assault rifles.


The orange Glock 17 pistol joins our ranks. Silicone (not rubber...).

Reinforced by a steel bar molded inside. 

A material that allows you to train outdoors, safely.

Thanks to their blue, red or orange colours...

2 models with removable charger and a black Glock made of quality plastic.


Pistols, machine pistols and dummy assault rifles are present

- M4, MP5 and AK 47 -, rifles for Krav Maga, KAPAP,

self-defence, security forces and law enforcement.


We also offer all knives and training sticks.

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