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You're looking to train safely.

The use of real weapons during training courses has resulted in many serious injuries from "unloaded" weapons and "safe" knives. 

The HK 416 Red Guns ASP assault rifles provide realistic replicas of the equipment used by security forces around the world.

This rifle model is in stock in our military and law enforcement agencies.
The HK 416 in its F version, proposed by Heckler and Koch, is the new assault rifle of the Army replacing the assault rifle of the Saint-Etienne arms factory (FAMAS).

It allows the simulation of assaults, to learn movements and tactical placement.

Because they are reinforced and have a real weight, ASP Red Guns allow realistic, sustained and continuous training. 

The Red Guns are a safe means of training, allowing safe handling and transport during the training and practice phases.

The rails provided allow the addition of numerous accessories: sight, handle, tactical light, etc...

The first time you get to grips with the red guns HK 416 ASP assault rifle, you realise that you are in another dimension, that of perfection! Weight, design, balance, rigidity, everything is there!

An HK to combine with our Glock 17 Red guns or our Glock 17 with magazine, blue gun type.


The HK 416 brings the solution to those who want to take it to the next level or who need to train to handle this style of weapon (police and military).


ASSAULT RIFLE ON ORDER (short delivery time)

We can also provide you with other dummy weapons (including Sig 2022, Glock 17 and AK 47 pistols).



  • Realistic replica with exact dimensions
  • Distinctive colour
  • Reinforced construction, in particular the barrel
  • Rails on the barrel for tactical equipment (sight, handle, lamp, etc...)
  • Two shoulder strap grenadiers supplied
  • Ambidextrous location of grenadiers
  • Weight: 3.46 kg
  • Guaranteed for life by ASP

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hk416 RED GUNS asp

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