Ballistic goggles and masks / protection


Ballistic glasses are part of the essential protection 

during some stick or knife exercises (and, of course, during shooting or airsoft).


These are safety glasses for fighting sports and virulent martial arts....

Protective glasses are also recommended when working with a beginner. 

in the handling of the stick or knife or for free work, at high speed.


In fighting techniques, in Balintawak Wotbag, in defense, fights and drills knives in Kali,

or in Krav Maga, glasses or ballistic masks are recommended.

And more than essential in shooting or airsoft.


To date, BLAKLIST offers you various goggles and tactical ballistic masks 

or eye protection, some from the best brands (Bollé tactical, Wiley X, Swisseye, ESS). 


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