The fencing foam knife (training blade).

This dummy knife has been specially developed for schools in TOLPAR France.

It allows beginners to work on the basics of Tolpar.

Fears of hurting and being hurt disappear thanks to the flexibility of the

knife. Your students (men, women, children) progress in a safe environment.

Very quickly, with a simple object, the competitive spirit emerges!

The pure form, the non-injurious foam reduces the drama of short fencing.

Be careful, however, safety rules must be put in place

and protections to wear because the foam initiation knife still has a certain rigidity.

It is an initiation knife, for learning short blade fencing, self defence,

ideal for schools of this type of fencing.

Wear with these knives, of course, the appropriate protection,

glasses, forearm protector or gloves. 

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