Ballistic glasses
Eyewear are part of the essential protection during certain exercises
with a stick or a knife. The alternative to the ballistic mask.
We have established a selection of quality brands.
Tactical Bollé, Wiley-X, Swisseye, ESS.

Since its creation in 1987, Wiley X has been a world leader in the protective eyewear market, providing
armed forces and law enforcement with high-end ballistic glasses. Aware of the need to protect your
eyes even during leisure and sports, Wiley X is the only high quality eyewear brand that tests all its
collection of sunglasses according to ANSI Z87.1 and EN.166 safety standards and optical standards.
To date, BLAKLIST offers you several goggles and tactical masks 
ballistics or eye protection. Military tactical glasses for self-defense against knives, shooting,
airsoft, law enforcement or hiking...
With in particular the Saber advanced ballistic glasses from Wiley X and the ESS glasses and masks.
The ESS ICE 1 ballistic glasses model is approved
by the French Army and the National Police.
A guarantee of quality for these glasses

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