BLAKLIST, your online store to equip you with a selection of Kali eskrima, HEMA, knife fighting, boxing, self-defense, tactical or outdoor equipment.

Do you practice uncommon and demanding fighting arts?
Your quest has led you to a search for efficiency?


After more than 30 years of experience in martial arts, we decide to share our passion for the right martial arts/ fighting sports equipment. We practice combat systems and we must therefore be well equipped.

We are above all sincere practitioners. From Kali eskrima, Balintawak, Tolpar, Panantukan, Arnes Diablo, combat fencing, KAPAP or realistic self-defence... We seek, we sometimes deceive, we often eat bitter but we always share.

We give courses in fighting techniques in beautiful dojos; and we also train in all weathers, outside, in the backyards. Every day and in all seasons.  

Selection of quality materials for your fights

The martial arts material we present is used.

At least once a day.

Sometimes a little expensive because of its high quality, often with an excellent price-quality ratio, are the equipment we present.

Our selection of martial arts materials will allow you to focus on your core practice and thus progress. We wanted a site with quick access and that is essential to your martial practice.


  • Are you looking for material related to our brands but absent from the site?
  • Is a size missing? 

We have the possibility to order all the products of the brands we present: take the time to tell us about your needs (

An item is missing from our selection? our supplier network can provide us with all types of equipment, in short or fast delivery times. Ask us about it.

We are at your disposal and close to you, through our practices and the tools we offer: website, telephone, email, facebook.

See you soon to share our passions!

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