Survival rations at BLAKLIST?

Yes, that is consistent.


Indeed, Blaklist is working to provide all the equipment so that 

the fighter can build a global combat system.


The ability to feed oneself in an emergency situation is one point

that the fighter must integrate into his thinking.


Freeze-drying is one of the best methods of food preservation. The indigenous peoples of the Americas living in the Andes, in South America, discovered two centuries ago that if they bring frozen food higher into the mountains, where atmospheric pressure is lower, ice crystals begin to vaporize, that is, to sublimate. In modern times, this method was used to store food 50 years ago for American special forces during the Vietnam War. 



Initially developed for special forces, providing sufficient calories, the production meets all European requirements.

First, a perfect dish is prepared, where all the nutrients are in balance and tastes like real homemade foods.

No unnecessary additives that would artificially increase the calorific value. 

All ready-to-eat foods are freeze-dried, or simply said, first of all, Tactical Foodpack foods are frozen quickly and then the temperature rises slowly. In this long vacuum process, all water is removed from the food, leaving about 99.7% of all vitamins and nutrients in the food without losing its taste and appearance. Now, if you pour water over the food again, it takes its original shape and shape and tastes the same as before.

Under more extreme conditions, it is good to know that all Tactical Foodpack dishes are pre-cooked and 100% freeze-dried, so they can also be consumed without adding water, simply by consuming them as dry snacks.

In addition, the food can also be prepared with cold water - it just takes a little longer. 



Thanks to this special technology, Tactical Foodpack offers a "best front" of 8 years.

Even after that, the food is totally edible, because the environment created is 99.9% dry and therefore unfit for bacteria. However, after this time, the taste and structure of the food may change slightly and in order to ensure the best quality, the storage time is currently set at 8 years.


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