THE plastic training knives!

The EDC: its dimensions make it the training tool for defending against folding knife attacks,

that we find in many pockets.

It is therefore a plastic knife centred on the reality of the street and which will

enable an efficient training program to be implemented.

The EDC knife model with marker blade is very interesting. Indeed, adding a strip

of felt on the blade that you coat with chalk

will allow you to see where your blows are really taking place.

Or if you spend more time being cut off than avoiding attacks.

You then work without pretence. You develop precision, glance and speed.

And use a knife acquired by the security and law enforcement agencies for their training program.

Police and security forces are trained with this dummy plastic knife

ideal for realistic, safe training.

The EDC self-defense knife with marker blade is the tool for those who need to go further.


The plastic dagger, interesting because of its dimensions

and the simple training knife has a format corresponding to pocket knives.

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