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Customize your HEMA gloves, KALI arnis eskrima, cane or tactical intervention gloves!

It seemed interesting to us to propose a simple and cheap solution to increase the protection potential of your gloves. It is sometimes difficult (or not always useful) to invest in different pairs of gloves, sometimes unsuitable, often overpriced.

Because it is legitimate not to want to juggle with several pairs.

Our over-protection of gloves then concerns your tactical gloves, your intervention gloves, your HEMA Kevlar type gloves, Red dragon gloves, Blaklist version 2 kali gloves or leather fencing.

The entire upper surface of the hand is protected by the protective overglove, made of padded leather.

The overgloves (delivered in pairs) are supplied with 2 additional straps in order to work with Red Dragon gloves.

Their protective power is significantly increased (of course, watch your fingers!) and the blows are well attenuated.

The grip of your sword, stick or sword is not altered and the grip capacity is preserved.

For the different phases of learning Kali (initiation or engaged fights) or HEMA fencing or when in intervention the need for additional protection is felt.


  • leather
  • 25mm foam
  • easy to install

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protection mains kali

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