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Our version 2 gloves, for the technical training of Kali eskrima
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We worked to release a version 2 of our Kali gloves.
In order to make essential improvements.

We now offer leather gloves. Covering a high density foam. With an overprotection of the wrist of 1 cm in leather and dense foam. With removable fingertips (soft rubber reinforcements) for the fingertips. With the side of the index finger and little finger protected by a dense foam reinforcement.

More handy and less bulky than hockey gloves.

Our padded gloves offer good extra protection. Filling with perfectly matched dense foam plates: the articulation is perfect and the comfort is immediate.

Ventilation of the palm and fingers through ventilation and microfibre fabric. These gloves offer a good level of protection but are not recommended for the historic steel or nylon sword that has been worked hard.

For HEMA and Kali, for technical work.
For the knife, because an excellent grip is allowed.
For simulation work in law enforcement or Krav Maga.
For some phases of Balintawak, Askal

For rattan combat fencing, take the Red Dragon gloves.

Foam filling all over the hand and wrist, while preserving the mobility of the thumbs necessary for sword and other fighting arts requiring good grip (Kali, knife fencing).

Leather that provides better protection due to its thickness may therefore have more pronounced folds or a crumpled appearance in some areas, which does not affect the strength of the product.

The rubber fingertips are removable and their placement will be left to your discretion.

More flexible than Red Dragons (which have a plastic shell), therefore less protective.

Last but not least, there is no magic: rattan blows are "felt" - as with Red Dragon gloves, by the way - and it is not a question of letting your hands reach you too easily. One of the founding principles of combat fencing, it is therefore not a real problem!





  • high density foam
  • leather
  • preserved mobility
  • reinforced seams
  • very good grip of sticks and knives
  • wrist protected by 1 cm of dense foam

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gants de kali eskrima

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