Aluminium training knife "KALIST"


couteau kalist krav maga
couteau entrainement baraw sugbo
couteau blaklist alu

Aluminium training knife "KALIST"
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The generous dimensions of the training knife while remaining credible (it is the hiking or cooking knife...), and its aspect of fixed blade knife allow a work of type Baraw sugbo or systema. Ideal for working in defense against knife attacks.

The thumb can be placed around the handle or naturally on the thumb rest to provide more support.

The index finger can do the same underneath, for a work in sensations. The strap that appears in the pictures is no longer available.


  • 5 mm d'épaisseur
  • 23 cm de longueur
  • longueur de lame : 10,5 cm
  • longueur de poignée : environ 12 cm
  • manche en paracorde tressée haute résistance
  • livré avec un étui souple de transport

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