Aluminium knife "KALIWA"


couteau manche paracorde

The "KALIWA" unsharpened aluminium knife has the dimensions of a folding knife.
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The "KALIWA" training knife therefore makes it possible to confront the reality of an aggression with this type of widespread format. It is therefore a question of setting up a defence work against folding knives.

Very discreet and comfortable, it quickly finds its place in hand.

And if you don't find your quantity in this model or another one of this page, contact us, the deadlines are short!


  • 5 mm d'épaisseur
  • 20,5 cm de longueur
  • longueur de lame : 9 cm
  • longueur de poignée : environ 12 cm
  • manche en paracorde tressée haute résistance
  • livré avec un étui souple de transport

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