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During HEMA sparring, medieval fencing, during reconstitutions with steel weapons, the highest protection for your hands is necessary. You know this for taking a lot of more or less traumatic blows to your hands....


This new version of the "LOBSTER" SPES HEAVY GLOVES has a new, stronger and improved thumb that will improve front and side protection.

The heavy gloves "LOBSTER" are well named.

SPES HEMA heavy combat gloves model "Lobster" are ideal to protect your hands during sparrings with nylon or steel simulators swords.


They are designed to protect your hands that are exposed to injuries during historical fencing training. In addition to a flawless design.

SPES heavy protective gloves provide complete coverage for four fingers and thumb. The outer part of the palm of the hand and fingers is also protected by overlapping polypropylene plastic elements, to stay close to its animal nickname. Polypropylene is highly resistant to cracks, which guarantees greater durability and resistance.

Thumb protection has been improved.

The 12 cm fabric cuff (cuff, miton) is reinforced with six padded parts covered with leather elements to protect the bones of the wrist and especially the forearm. It will cover your padded combat jacket.

On the wrist, there is also a leather belt with a buckle that allows the fighter to better adjust the glove to the palm.

The inside of the gloves is covered with synthetic leather. The padding of the gloves provides additional shock absorption.

A soft leather inner glove holds your fingers. Covered with a plate shell. Immediate comfort, perfect handling.

Heavy leather cocked gloves for engaged combat of the famous brand "SPES" that are no longer presented. Intended for fighting with steel weapons. But also in stick fighting because of the excellent grip allowed.

An excellent protection of your hands as these heavy LOBSTER gloves from SPES.

An impressive feeling of comfort is created from the first fitting! 

For historical fencing, but why not for Irish stick fighting, defense cane and all practices engaged at baton.

you will like this material! : trying it is adopting it!.....



SIZE CHART (only size M/L is available)


And for the transport and protection of these magnificent SPES combat gloves, the padded bag



  • very good protection
  • leather
  • forearm protector
  • very comfortable

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gants amhe lobster

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