Knives and blades long, unsharpened

Dummy training knives for Kali eskrima, Tolpar, short blade fencing, knife fighting, systema, Penchak Silat, Krav Maga and for other combat systems or martial arts...

These coloured knives, made of plastic, aluminium, wood and foam, will allow you to become better at defending yourself.

Our self-defence cutlery offers 9 types of dummy knives for training, for self-defence:


  • training knife made of unsharpened aluminium
  • plastic knife with marker blade
  • wooden knife covered with dense foam
  • the aluminium karambit
  • the foam-covered stick knife
  • the foam initiation knife
  • the aluminium and foam knife
  • the aluminium knife with coloured blade
  • dummy folding knives


The bolo is present, a set espada y daga, a Kris and a training tomahawk.

Whether for work in self-defense, Krav Maga, Penchak Silat, systema or Tolpar, knives and blades

Blaklist will find their place in your drills, training routines and fights.


Different self-defence knives

We offer different types of knives for the drive.

ALWAYS Wear ADEQUATE PROTECTIONS (such as eye protection goggles, or forearms.)

The unsharpened aluminium training knife presents a realistic aspect of the utmost importance in your drills (from Kali, Baraw sugbo beginner because stainless steel is then preferable, systema). Even if we stay in a dojo, the mind is nevertheless more alert, as is the body, which fears contact with aluminum.


The plastic knife allows you to familiarize yourself with the work of the knife. Integrated into a group of beginners, it is the ideal tool.

In addition, the plastic knife with the marking chalk is a great tool, even for the most experienced (illusions may fly away!)

The wooden knife covered with dense foam is the ideal training knife.

Secure, but with a rigid contact. To be used in sparring (knife fighting) in particular, like Tolpar (short blade fencing).

The stick knife, with a foam-covered heart, a knife for learning or validating techniques.

The dense foam knife, an introduction to short blade fencing. 

The aluminium karambit, on the other hand, allows us to discover new biomechanical principles.

The aluminium heart knife and foam-covered blade.

We remind you that the transport of training weapons, on foot and by all modes of transport, must be carried in bags, backpacks and cases. 

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