sabre amhe polymere
polish saber
sabre de hussard
sabre AMHE polymere
poignee de sabre polyamide
sabre amhe synthetique

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Your favorite movie? The Duelists.

Do you have the same haircut as Harvey Keitel?

Do you think Napoleon was finally good?

It's time to get down to business and learn how to use the SABER.


In order to provide you with synthetic swords, we have chosen to work with the Silkfencing craft workshop.

Experienced fighters are at work in this HEMA blade workshop.


The construction of this Polish sabre in "unbreakable" polymer (one-year guarantee) is "stripping blank". The handle and blade are machined and milled by hand.

Each model is different and has small "imperfections". These nylon training swords for HEMA are not made in the factory, on the chain, in China. For your decoration, prefer a katana.

Polish swords breathe authenticity and clearly announce their goal: training!


The workshop designed a special line of synthetic swords, being an imitation of the Polish style saber, popular between the 17th and 18th centuries in Poland.

The weapon is fully functional, ready for flexible combat and technical training. Besides, we've been testing them since this weekend, rainy.... at the same time these swords don't rust!

These nylon blades are therefore dedicated to soft fighting and technical training.  They are not dedicated to hard fighting, or working against hard material.
Blades for over 18s, equipped with all the basic protective equipment (reinforced gloves, fencing mask, jacket, gorgerin and others, as required).


The special design of the sabre allows a safe push, as well as a well-placed percussion point and mass, making the weapon safe, while remaining a good training tool for practice. It does not break and can operate in all weather conditions.

The handle is covered with rubber. A little rough, but quite functional and durable. The handle allows an excellent grip.

All metal parts are galvanized, so they are corrosion-proof.

The sword is available with a Polish hussar handle. Equipped with a special type of Polish stirrup.

An HEMA nylon simulator that will integrate perfectly with the equipment

learning from an HEMA school, a show fencing club but also of a combat eskrima club or even Kali eskrima.




  • Made of unbreakable polyamide.
  • Total length 98 cm
  • handle 11 cm
  • cross guard 13 - 17 cm
  • blade 85 cm
  • 650 grams of mass
  • balance point: 19 cm
  • handmade handle, covered with rubber
  • all metal parts are galvanized

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