Our training and protection equipment
for the different martial arts or systems focused on self-defense.
Krav-Maga, Penchak Silat, KAPAP, close combat
or systema (for our knife range).

Blaklist offers a selection of boxing equipment suitable for
perfectly to these demanding fighting practices.

We have also developed a special Krav Maga line.

Single or double shin guards, grill helmets, trousers, shells, mittens : 
the basis for progress in Krav Maga.
Moreover, Krav Maga clubs are not mistaken:
more and more, clubs trust us from then on
that their sessions be intensified

We offer boxing gloves or mittens from MMA, Krav Maga, 
as well as thaï pads and boxing sticks for precision work.
Dummy drive knives (aluminium, wood and foam, plastic, polymer)
or sticks of different hardness will provide
the most realistic in your combat situations.
The armor or the different plastrons protective vests of the body
will allow you to work hard.
Our faceplates are used for training, in particular, for law enforcement.

Dummy training weapons are used in Krav Maga, KAPAP or self-defense.
Glock 17, Beretta 92, Glock 17, Beretta 92, magazine, M4, AK 47, MP5 assault rifle...
Do you practice light sparring? Perhaps you will then be interested in
with our boxing gloves, shin guards and battle helmets (including the Kudo helmet)....
and our Krav maga pack may be a good solution for you!
I mean, all this fighting and martial arts equipment
will have to find its place in our selection of tactical, backpack or transport bags.


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