baton entrainement police
baton entrainement frappe

TRAINING STICK for Kali arnis eskrima or law enforcement
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TRAINING STICK Police, Law enforcement; security, self-defense, Kapap...

These training and striking sticks are perfect for studying Police techniques or self-defense techniques. Padded, solid, providing excellent grip.

Perfect for working on shield strikes.

They are highly resistant to wear and repeated shocks, and correspond to the size of the 66 cm telescopic poles.

Two velcro straps are provided to hang the stick.

These sticks are made of dense foam and polymer body: the blows are not insignificant. If the style resembles chanbara or Yoseikan budo sticks, the similarities end there.

Essential protections: plastron, head guard, forearm and shin protection.

Very high quality equipment, truly professional equipment.

To be completed with our self-defense plastron and our strike shield.


  • parfait pour l'entraînement des forces de l'ordre
  • poignée formée d'un grip efficace
  • longueur : 66 cm
  • longueur poignée : 16 cm
  • diamètre corps : environ 55 mm
  • diamètre poignée : 3 cm
  • poids : 510 g
  • Ne convient pas à des enfants

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