SICH Tourniquet (NATO Standard)
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This tourniquet has an NSN Code in the same way as the SOFT Tactical Tourniquet and the CAT gen 7.

SICH-Tourniquet  is realized through the use of metallic reinforcement components. Thanks to the aluminum components and the special patented adhesive tape, the integrated structure and the telescopic platform, this unique tourniquet withstands double pressure and works successfully even with dirt, grease or oil, and it does not lose its effectiveness at very low high temperature (-40 / +50).
The tourniquet has no impact on the soft tissues during its application. In addition, it can be applied with one hand.

In the summer of 2015, independent consumers and experts (doctors, volunteers and the military) carried out numerous tests on tourniquets made by famous Ukrainian producers of that time. SICH-Tourniquet ranks first on the basis of the test results. It then becomes the official tool for groups of soldiers of the Ukrainian military forces, which are packed in accordance with NATO standards, as well as groups of Ukrainian national guards and police officers.

At the end of 2017, volunteers from the Wilni UA Ukrainian Charity Fund launched and organized a detailed review of Ukrainian and American turnstiles. Based at Ukrmetrteststandard State Company (the company is globally certified), the qualified employees and instructors of TSSS have carried out a thorough examination of the reliability, performance and stability of modern tourniquet samples. Without exaggerating, it should be clarified that there have been no similar tests in Ukraine and, in particular, in the world.

During the tests, specialists studied the ability of tourniquets to maintain a relatively constant pressure on any limb (350-300 Mmhg) for two hours under the following conditions:

  • at room temperature (24 ° C +/- 7 ° C), if the withers are dry;
  • at room temperature (24 ° C +/- 7 ° C), if the withers are wet;
  • at room temperature (24 ° C +/- 7 ° C), if the tourniquet is soaked in diesel;
  • if the sample is frozen before at -40 ° C;
  • if the sample is heated to + 50 ° C.

Based on the test results, SICH and CAT Gen 7 had the best characteristics, but SICH performed better at low and high temperatures.


  • Dimensions: 5cm x 80cm
  • Can be placed with one hand
  • Duralium
  • buckles
  • Locking (triangle loop)
  • Used by the Ukrainian armed forces.
  • Single tourniquet conditioned in Self-aid

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