stick rotin scorpion
rotin scorpion
batons rotin scorpion

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Training Kali stick, top of the range, with scorpion burn pattern.

Rattan sticks are made in the Philippines especially for the training experience of Filipino Martial Arts - Arnis, Escrima, Kali. The edges are rounded.

The sticks are very pleasant to hold. The balanced weight of the rattans allows the movements to be performed without overloading the wrist.

Rattan is the best for training Filipino martial arts, as it has a very high stability and flexibility thanks to the fibrous structure of rattan.

The fibres of the material also absorb the microvibrations caused by stick-to-stick blows, so that the joints suffer less stress. This allows for an effective and sustainable training experience.

Abrasion of rattan due to hard training does not cause the stick to break with sharp edges, but only softening and defibrillation of the stick.



Can't find your quantity? Call +33 0 6 71 88 95 91.... a restocking is probably in progress.

To store 2 sticks, we recommend our stick case which also includes a pocket for a knife or the large capacity carrying bag.



  • Sold by the unit
  • length: about 74 cm
  • Diameter: from 2.1 to 2.4 cm
  • Weight: from 150 to 170 g

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